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"Everybody said financial institutions would be the last to adopt technology because they have to play it safe. If you look around, all the banks have the most innovative technology..."
- Kelsey Hightower, Google


The first computer text editor was created in 1967, a half-century ago. Inspired by the revolutionary NYC finance work of Kirat Singh and Mark Higgins, we are taking the next quantum leap in software development. We are the gateway to next-generation software development.

We help small, nimble Agile vendors win business and displace larger players like Oracle and SAP by exploiting inefficiencies in labor-intensive approaches to enterprise software development. The competition will be shown the door so fast they won't even know what happened. NYC learned this firsthand in 2008 and is determined not to make the same mistake again.

Every industry that has moved beyond flat file technology to manage its critical data has experienced a disruptive leap in productivity. The software industry is no different. The secret behind Goldman Sachs forced NYC to drastically rethink enterprise architecture, thereby leaving Silicon Valley behind and spawning a technology boom in Eastern Europe. DataCountry's tools, training, technical skill and business acumen transcends existing paradigms, empowering our clients to do the impossible.

We are a software industry thought leader. We moved past a half century of computer science dogma and shattered existing approaches and methodologies to achieve unprecedented productivity gains.

We take a radical approach in human-in-the-loop (HITL) computing and AI-driven automation to reverse a multi-decade trend of distancing humans from machines that has only produced overly complex systems, blown enterprise budgets and mixed results.

DataCountry puts business, engineers and architects back in the loop - right where the action is, allowing true creativity and proven results.

Experience industry domination.

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